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TRC #452: Mount Everest The Tallest Mountain? + Does Music Calm Your Canine? + Avril Lavigne Death Conspiracy

What a better way to kick off the month than a new dose of The Reality Check! First, Pat schools us on which mountain is really the tallest and why. Cristina digs into various studies to see if there is … Continue reading

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The Reality Check – Episode 7 – Cancerous Cell Phones, Conspiracy Videos, and Ghosts with Rich Taste

In this episode we discuss the latest report that cell phones may cause cancer, some online conspiracy videos, and a rich guy in the UK getting scared out of his home by a poltergeist. Listen now: http://media.libsyn.com/media/therealitycheck/The_Reality_Check_Ep7_-_2008-9-25.mp3 download mp3

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