Adam Gardner: When not fighting evil by the moonlight or hanging with his bronies, Adam tackles peculiar claims regarding vampires and zombies as well as bogus health issues. As the only current member of TRC that was there from episode #1 he brings a longevity (but not quite wisdom nor patience) to the podcast. He happily makes numerous, and often crude, jokes during the show. Adam has at least one viral YouTube video with close to 1 million views.

Darren McKee: After surviving the crash from Krypton, Darren studied psychology and public admin before coming to Ottawa and joining TRC at episode #8. Darren thinks that the goal of Skepticism should be the promotion of critical thinking to all areas of life. His moral and philosophical segments continue to enlighten and/or bore (sometimes the same listener during the same segment) and he thinks it is important to highlight the power of science but also its failings. When not working on a segment to help people to ‘Think Better to Act Better’ he is probably reading another book, descending to Earth, or making silly impressions. Darren also has a blog for which he used to write actual thoughts, but now just archives old thoughts or numerous half-assed book reviews. He has given several talks: Skepticism and Morality: Maybe You’re Not a Good Person (Ottawa, Skepticamp 2010). A Better Choice Than Free Will (Ottawa Skepticamp 2011) (Part II).

Pat Roach holds a PhD from the University of Rock n’ Roll. A former professional musician and self-professed Science geek, Pat’s goal is to help educate average people, like himself, to question anything that sounds too good to be true. Pat has been a behind the scenes contributor since the beginning and joined as a regular panelist, editor and producer on episode #206.

Cristina Roach is a Juno and Platinum award winning music publicist.  She has provided voice overs for the show since day 1.   Pat and Cristina create the parodies, which often appear at the beginning of the show, and do an “annual parody spectacular” each year in December.  Cristina joined the show as a regular panelist on episode #324.

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