TRC #452: Mount Everest The Tallest Mountain? + Does Music Calm Your Canine? + Avril Lavigne Death Conspiracy

What a better way to kick off the month than a new dose of The Reality Check! First, Pat schools us on which mountain is really the tallest and why. Cristina digs into various studies to see if there is any evidence to support she should leave the radio on to soothe her dog while she’s gone. Finally, Adam takes on a persistent conspiracy theory that Avril Lavigne is not who she seems.

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Mount Everest The Tallest Mountain?

NY Times: The Mountain That Tops Everest Because The Earth Is Fat Highest Mountain

Wikipedia: Mauna Kea

Forbes: Tallest Mountain In The World Is Debatable

Business Insider: Mount Everest Isn’t The World’s Tallest

Live Science: Which Mountain Is The Tallest In The World?

Straight Dope: Which Is Taller, Everest or K2

CNN: Climbers Snapchat From Everest

Does Music Calm Your Canine?

Behavioral effects of auditory stimulation on kenneled dogs

More Bach less bite as classical music calm dogs

Reggae, soft rock best at relaxing stressed out dogs: study

Man’s best friend even more tuned in than we first thought

Dogs are happier listening to soft rock and reggae, study finds

Can Classical Music Help Soothe Dogs?

Classical music calms shelter dogs, new study says

Should You Leave the TV or Radio on for Your Pets?

Your Dog Digs Reggae Music, According to a New Study

Move over Mozart: Study shows cats prefer their own beat

Reggae: The Music Choice Of Dogs

Cats prefer species-appropriate music

Move over Mozart: Study shows cats prefer their own beat

PBS: Cats don’t like human music — play them this instead

Scientists Create Music for Cats!

Cozmo’s Air

Avril Lavigne Death Conspiracy

Avril Lavigne morreu e foi subsituida!

Avril is dead – English translation

Melissa Vandella: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know –

About That Avril Lavigne Conspiracy Theory: Does Melissa Vandella Even Exist? – Going Viral – Zimbio

La historia que dice que Avril Lavigne se suicido es lo peor que ha hecho Internet – El Dinamo

Investigating the Conspiracy That Says Avril Lavigne Was Killed off and Replaced with an Actress – Noisey

avril lavigne is dead & was replaced by a look alike: a conspiracy theory thread – @givenchyass

Fact Check: Avril Lavigne Replaces by a Doppelgänger

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1 Response to TRC #452: Mount Everest The Tallest Mountain? + Does Music Calm Your Canine? + Avril Lavigne Death Conspiracy

  1. Cheezyhead says:

    How could you guys miss the older conspiracy with Avril Lavigne? Everyone knows Avril Lavigne is a shapeshifting reptilian. I have seen it on the internet, so it must be true! If you ignore this then this means Reality check has sold out to our reptilian overlords.

    It makes perfect sense when you realize she married the lead singer of the most hated Canadian band of all time, Nickleback. Or as many have called them, Nicklecrap. What was his name? Kroeger? Freddy Kreuger? What a nightmarish union of the unholy!

    Good podcast, but you got to stop accepting donations from the Illuminati or it’s going to affect the quality of your show.

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