TRC #515: GOOP Lawsuit + Hot Dog Vs Bun Ratio Conspiracy? + Sex Ed + Sitcom Surprise

With Darren still away in Europe, the crew get sucked into a vortex of shenanigans when former beloved TRC co-host Elan Dubrofsky and guest Dina Xirlin stop by. Cristina kicks off the festivities with an update on a recent lawsuit against Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP and its unfounded product claims. Adam investigates whether hot dog companies are colluding with bun companies to sell more of both products. Dina schools us on the Ontario Sex Ed Curriculum amidst the current controversy stirred by Ontario’s new premier. Finally, Elan makes an earth-shattering discovery about 2 of his favourite old sitcoms.

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GOOP Lawsuit

Hollywood Reporter: Paltrow interview

Gizmodo: Goop just settled a lawsuit

Goop Just Settled a Lawsuit Over Its Scientifically Unfounded Claims About Vaginal Eggs

TINA: California Cracks Down on Goop

Hot Dog Vs Bun Ratio Conspiracy?

YouTube: Father of The Bride – Hot Dogs + Buns

Why do hot dogs come 10 to a pack while buns are 8 to a pack? – The Straight Dope

Sex Ed

The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 1-8: Health and Physical Education, 2010 – Interim Edition:

National Post: Ontario Sex Ed

Toronto Star: Teacher Union Injunction Over Sex Ed Curriculum

PubMed Study

NCIB: Safer choices: reducing teen pregnancy, HIV, and STDs

Sitcom Surprise

Rob and Akiva Need a Podcast

Daily Motion: Perfect Strangers Season 3 Episode 7

Wikipedia: Perfect Strangers

Wikipedia: Family Matters

IMDB: Family Matters Episodes

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  1. Bob Z. says:

    Elan, I have one friendly piece of advice for you: decaf.

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