The Reality Check – Episode 7 – Cancerous Cell Phones, Conspiracy Videos, and Ghosts with Rich Taste

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In this episode we discuss the latest report that cell phones may cause cancer, some online conspiracy videos, and a rich guy in the UK getting scared out of his home by a poltergeist.

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Show Notes

Show notes:

Cell phone controversy:
Global TV’s coverage of the study discussed: link
Scientific/skeptical view of cell phones and cancer: link 1 link 2
Studies about cell phones and driving: link 1 (pdf) link 2

Online conspiracy Videos:
Loose Change (9/11 conspiracy video): link
Zeitgeist: link
Ex-truther confession: link

UK Ghost:
Original BBC Story: link
The ‘shocking’ revelation: link

Logical fallacy of the week:
Affirming the Consequent: link

Science Myth of the Week:
Moon hoax accusations: link
Moon hoax debunking: link
Buzz Aldrin vs. Moon Hoaxer: link

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