TRC #520: Did We Get Banksied? + UN Climate Change Report + Did Taylor Swift Increase Voter Registration?

Your weekly dose of fun and facts is here! We definitely had a lot of laughs taping the show this week. First, Producer Pat points his skeptical lens at the recent Banksy incident rocking the Art World to find out if Sotheby’s really got pranked, or did we all just get Banksied? Darren brings the panel’s mood way down with an overview of the bleak reality reported in the recent UN Climate Change Report. The panel shakes it off long enough for Adam to give us an objective analysis of whether the uptick in voter registration in the U.S. can be attributed to pop star Taylor Swift.

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Did We Get Banksied?

Wikipedia: Banksy

The Guardian: Was Sotheby’s In On The Act

Indy100: Banksy Art Shredding Theory

Wikipedia: Exit Through The Gift Shop

Wikipedia: Love Is In The Bin

Instagram Video Of Shredder Install

NME: Banksy Denies Prank Was Inside Job

HackADay: Banksy’s Barely Believable Batteries

ArtNet: Major Questions Still Unanswered About Banksy Prank

CNN: Banksy Painting Questions

The Telegraph: Shocked Buyer Decides To Keep Shredded Painting

The Guardian: Woman Who Bought Shredded Painting To Go Through With Sale

UN Climate Change Report

IPCC Report

NY Times


National Geographic

The Atlantic

Did Taylor Swift Increase Voter Registration?

Taylor Swift credited for spike in voter registration – Yahoo!

Taylor Swift political Instagram post brings spike in voter registration – ABC 7 Chicago

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