TRC #503: Implicit Bias Training + Mexican World Cup Fans Cause Earthquake? + Saudi Arabia Drone Fashion Show?

Happy Summer Solstice, Checkers! This week, Darren explores whether implicit bias training really works in the wake of Starbucks recently closing their stores to provide racial-bias training to its employees. Cristina takes time out of watching the World Cup to check a claim that Mexican fans triggered an earthquake when celebrating Mexico’s victory over defending champion Germany. Finally, Adam looks into the validity of a story suggesting a Saudi Arabian fashion show used drones to model clothes on the catwalk because women are forbidden to model.

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U.S. Migrant Children Update

U.S. government says nearly 2,000 child separations at Mexico border in under two months – Reuters

Was the ‘Law to Separate Families’ Passed in 1997 or ‘by Democrats’? – Snopes

Implicit Bias Training

TRC Episode 442


Harvard Business Review

Mexican World Cup Fans Cause Earthquake?

ABC News


Wiki: Most Watched TV Broadcasts


Twitter: SIMMSA


Wiki: Metre per second squared


BBC: Leicestershire game

Pacific Northwest Seismic Network

Wiki: Beast Quake

CNN: Seahawks


Saudi Arabia Drone Fashion Show?

A Saudi fashion show skipped the models and showed dresses using drones – Washington Post

Saudi Arabia’s first public women’s fashion show opens in Jeddah – Daily Sabah

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1 Response to TRC #503: Implicit Bias Training + Mexican World Cup Fans Cause Earthquake? + Saudi Arabia Drone Fashion Show?

  1. Laurie Pullman says:

    Re: Seismic events.

    These instruments are extremely sensitive and regularly pick up “man made” events. I have second hand experience of this.

    In the late 1960s my father was a civil engineer in Papua New Guinea, specifically in Rabaul, New Britain, which has several active volcanoes in close proximity. Dad loved to tell the story of the mysterious seismic activity that monitoring station would pick up every day which started at 8AM and ceased at 4PM with a half hour for lunch.

    Unionised volcanism?

    Sadly no. One of his crews was building a road a couple of kilometres from the station and they were the cause. Specifically a sheepsfoot roller, something he demonstrated by getting the crew not use specific equipment at pre agreed times. Oh how they laughed.

    So these instruments really will pick up man made vibrations.

    Rabaul is pronounced “Ra-BOWL” to rhyme with the bird, not Raborl or Rabool. It has one of the best deepwater harbours in the world in a volcanic caldera several kilometres across and the graveyard of any number of Japanese ships from WWII. The town was buried by a volcanic eruption in the mid ’90s (from memory).

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