TRC #442: Implicit Association Test + Eiffel Tower Night Photos Illegal? + Irish Slaves A Myth?

Darren takes a deep dive into the Implicit Association Test to see if it really does measure our unconscious levels of prejudice and assess implicit bias. Cristina explores whether there’s a chance she may get arrested if she takes photos of the night-lit Eiffel Tower on an upcoming trip to Paris. Finally, Adam explores a common news story that comes up around St. Patrick’s Day regarding Irish slavery in America.


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Implicit Association Test

NY Magazine 

IAT website


Eiffel Tower Night Photos Illegal


Art Law Journal

Metro UK

Tour Eiffel Official Site

EU Observer


Are Irish Slaves A Myth?

Were the Irish Slaves in America, Too? – Snopes

‘Irish slaves’: the convenient myth – openDemocracy

Debunking a Myth: The Irish Were Not Slaves, Too – The New York Times

The Irish Slaves – The Forgotten “White” Slaves – Global Research

This is now what happens when you try to post fake news on Facebook – Quartz

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2 Responses to TRC #442: Implicit Association Test + Eiffel Tower Night Photos Illegal? + Irish Slaves A Myth?

  1. Alice Ener says:

    Hmm… But what about the claim that a very common occurence was the indentured servants being deliberately worked to death or otherwise ensured they wouldn’t actually make it through their contracted time, since the contracts promised them a plot of land at the end of their service which the landowner didn’t have to give if the servant died before its completion? Does that hold much water?

    • Rosa says:

      These are wonderful, Joseph. I especially like the image on the left, which shows orbs partially hidden behind people and orbs shining through each other – these are indications that you are phaongrtphiog something in depth!

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