TRC #504: IV Therapy + Baby Foreskin Beauty Cream? + Adult & Youth Correctional Stats

Adam kicks off this week’s show by looking into the trend of IV Therapy when used outside of legit medical procedures. Cristina goes head first down a rabbit hole after hearing that a beauty cream Oprah endorses may contain baby foreskin in its formulation. Finally, Darren digs into the stats behind a recent headline claiming that nearly half of Canada’s incarcerated youth are Indigenous. Wishing our Canadian and U.S. Checkers a safe and happy Canada Day & July 4th holiday!

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IV Therapy

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Restore IV


Baby Foreskin Beauty Cream?

Vice: Is Oprah Supporting the Harvest of Baby Foreskin?

Baby Foreskin: The Final Frontier In Skincare?

Quartzy: Several Beauty Products Contain Baby Foreskin Cells, Urine, or Snail Extract


Daily Mail: Protestors demand Oprah pull her endorsement of ‘fountain of youth’ face cream because it is made from baby foreskins

Huff Po: Canadian Anti-Circumcision Protesters Target Oprah Over Foreskin Face Cream

HuffPo: What Is The ‘Penis Facial’ That Sandra Bullock Gets?

The Glow Up: Everybody’s Talking About the ‘Penis Facial,’ and It Doesn’t Mean What You Think (It’s Worse)

HuffPo: Is Baby Foreskin The Key To Youthful Skin?

HuffPo: Oprah’s Foreskin Controversy: Advocacy Group Protesting Mogul’s Skin Cream Endorsement

NY Mag: Can Cells From a Baby’s Foreskin Give You Youthful Skin?

Boston Magazine: The ‘Baby Foreskin Facial’ Is a Real Thing

Washington Square Dermatology

Georgia Louise

NCBI: Skin rejuvenation using cosmetic products containing growth factors, cytokines, and matrikines: a review of the literature

Inverse: Penis Facials Aren’t Backed By Science — Sorry, Sandra Bullock

Adult & Youth Correctional Stats




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