TRC #221: Cell Phones and Driving + Cycling Helmets and Risk + Copyright, Privacy and Facebook

The gang is joined by a very special guest; Jim Davies, Professor of Cognitive Science at Carleton University. First Adam Gardner discusses the dangers of cell phones and driving.   Jim then fills us in on some surprising information regarding cycling helmets and risk.   Finally Elan Dubrofsky tells us about copyright, privacy and Facebook.

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Show Notes:

Cell Phones and Driving

Human multitasking – Wikipedia

Computer multitasking – Wikipedia

Multitasking – The Cognitive Costs of Multitasking

Talking on Your Cell Phone Make You Drive Safer

Mobile phones and driving safety – Wikipedia

Texting while driving – Wikpedia

Media multitasks pay mental price, Stanford study shows

The Reality Check #55: Time Travel + Multitasking + Well Starseeing Myth

Drivers on Cell Phones Are As Bad As Drunks – University of Utah News Release – June 29th 2006

Distracted Driving – Driving requires your full attention – Ontario Ministry of Transportation

Is a hands-free phone safer than a handheld phone? –

Even hands-free phones are dangerous while driving, new research reveals – Mail Online

Cycling Helmets and Risk

Is Cycling Dangerous

Blog Post by Jim on Bike Helmets

Copyright, Privacy and Facebook

Snopes – Facebook Privacy

Gizmodo – Facebook will always own you

Facebook – Terms of Service


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