TRC #222: The Simulation Argument + Breaking Bad SFoSF + Subliminal Advertising + Law of Averages

Episode 222 is not your typical TRC episode in that it was recorded live in front of the attendees of Eschaton 2012 in Ottawa. It is typical however in that it brings the skepticism big time. Darren “likely not the real Darren” McKee leads off the show by discussing whether or not we are all living in a simulation. This is followed by Elan “Pollos” Dubrofsky hosting a Breaking Bad themed game of Science Fact or Science Fiction. Special guest panelist Jon “used to host this show” Abrams then takes a look at subliminal advertising, and Adam “far from average but not sure in which direction” Gardner closes out the show with an exploration into the Law of Averages.

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The Simulation Argument

Simulation Argument

Simulation Argument FAQ

Breaking Bad Science Fact or Science Fiction

Wikipedia – Embalming Chemicals

Hydrofluoric acid in Breaking Bad

Ricin Poisining

Wikipedia – Ricin

The Science of Breaking Bad – Madrigal


NCJRS The Price and Purity of Illicit Drugs: 1981 Through the Second Quarter of 2003

Mercury Fulminate Breaking Bad

Wikipedia – Mercury Fulminate

Subliminal Advertising

The Straight Dope

Thomas Moore: An Update of Subliminal Influence

Wikipedia: Subliminal Stimuli

Subliminal Advertising: Is the Debate Over?

The Law of Averages

How The Law of Averages Can Make You Rich

Law of averages – Wikipedia

Law of large numbers – Wikipedia

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