TRC 220: Plant Perception + Name That… + Tick Bites Leading to Red Meat Allergies

Another solid episode churned out by the skeptical podcast factory otherwise known as “The Reality Check”. After an awesome (and somewhat NSFW) parody by Pat “ODB” Roach, the show is lead off by Elan “don’t call me borophyll” Dubrofsky presenting a segment on whether or not plants can percieve and react to things like animals do. Pat “all over this description” Roach then hosts an all new skeptical game called “Name That…”. Darren “medium rare” McKee finishes off the show with an exploration into tick bites and whether they can cause an allergy to red meat. Adam “no responsibilities whatsoever” Gardner chimes in periodically throughout the show.

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Tick Bites -> Red Meat

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2 Responses to TRC 220: Plant Perception + Name That… + Tick Bites Leading to Red Meat Allergies

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