TRC #669: Coronal Mass Ejection + The Technology Trap

In March of this year, auroras were seen in many places on earth.  Though the auroras are usually seen far up north on the globe they can occur further south.  But what are the risks associated with this kind of event?  “The Technology Trap” by Carl Benedikt Frey looks at how the history of technology can help us better understand economic and political polarization in the age of automation.  Darren gives us a review. 

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Coronal Mass Ejection

Sun ejects huge ‘Doomsday’ solar flare big enough to knock out the internet – CoventryLive

Could an extremely powerful solar flare destroy all the electronics on Earth? – How Stuff Works

A Powerful Solar Eruption on Far Side of Sun Still Impacted Earth – NASA – The Sun Spot

An Eruption on The Far Side of The Sun Was So Powerful Its Shockwave Hit Earth

Space storm may trigger ‘internet apocalypse’ within next decade – Talker

Washington… and All of Earth Just Dodged a Bullet – 610 Kona

Aurora – Wikipedia

A 2nd giant ‘hole’ has appeared on the sun, and it could send 1.8 million-mph solar winds toward Earth – Business Insider

How to Make Your Own Faraday Cage – PC Mag

Is A Microwave A Faraday Cage? (Explained & Solved!) – Ask The Home Geek

Solar storm Risk to the north American electric grid – Lloyds

The Technology Trap

The Technology Trap | Princeton University Press

Carl Benedikt Frey on Twitter

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