TRC #668: Dark Chocolate Has Heavy Metals? + What Happened To The Dinosaurs?

A recent study done by Consumer Reports shows that dark chocolate bars contain lead and cadmium.  Should you be concerned? Cristina digs into it.  Next, after watching the movie “65”, Adam looks at the debate about how dinosaurs went extinct and when.

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Heavy Metals and Dark Chocolat

Chocolate, “Food of the Gods”: History, Science, and Human Health – PMC

Consumer Reports

NCA Statement on Consumer Reports Chocolate and Cocoa Study

Toxic metals in chocolate? Health Canada finds levels not concerning following U.S. report – National |

Should you worry about lead in your dark chocolate bar? : NPR

As You Sow – Nation’s Non-Profit Leader in Shareholder Advocacy

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Dinosaur Extinction

Dinosaur extinction battle flares – SF Gate

Signor–Lipps effect – Wikipedia

I watched a dumb movie called ‘65’ in the theater, so you don’t have to – The Straight Dope Message Board

Why did the dinosaurs go extinct? – National Geographic

Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event – Wikipedia

The cataclysm that killed the dinosaurs – The Harvard Gazette

How an asteroid ended the age of the dinosaurs – Natural History Museum

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