TRC #670: Mashup: Fire and Smoke

The TRC crew brings you a mashup about fire and smoke.  Adam looks into headlines about the Amazon rainforest. The facts may surprise you.  Pat addresses a listener’s question about whether the rainforest is the Earth’s lungs responsible for 20% of the oxygen we breathe. Darren investigates whether wood fires pose a danger to your health.

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Amazon Rainforest Fires

Global Fire Emissions Database

With Amazon Rain Forest Ablaze, Brazil Faces Global Backlash – New York Times

Amazon rainforest – Wikipedia

Fires in Brazil – Earth Observatory – Nasa

Was the Amazon Rainforest on Fire in August 2019? – Snopes

The Earth’s Lungs

Forbes: The Lungs of the World is Wrong

Scientific American: Amazon Fires Do Not Threaten Earth’s Oxygen

Fact Check – Amazon Doesn’t Produce 20% Of Earth’s Oxygen

ABC News: Amazon Fires

CNN: Amazon Fires

Newsweek: Pray For Amazon Photos

Business Insider: Why Amazon Rainforest Is Important

Yadvinder Malhi: Does The Amazon Provide 20% Of Our Oxygen?

Washington Times: Fake Amazon Photos

The Conversation: Fires Aren’t Depleting Our Oxygen

Mother Jones: Stop Sharing Those Viral Amazon Fire Photos

The Atlantic: Earth Has Plenty Of Oxygen

Wood Smoke


Health Canada

Sam Harris – The Fireplace Delusion

Danish Study

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1 Response to TRC #670: Mashup: Fire and Smoke

  1. Bruce Baxter says:

    Trees are neutral carbon on a 100year cycle.
    They rot.

    Ok, the easiest way to think of it is “if x consumes y tons of co2” then there must be an accumulation of coal or oil of 1/2 y tons per year.

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