TRC #630: Does In-Office Work Increase Innovation? + UAP Task Force Report + Does Bone China Contain Real Bone?

Darren takes a skeptical look at the argument that in-office work increases collaboration and innovation. Adam’s ‘not saying it’s aliens’, as he takes a closer look at the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force Report. Cristina makes a bone-chilling discovery about china.

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Does In-Office Work Increase Innovation? 

Do Chance Meetings at the Office Boost Innovation? There’s No Evidence of It. – The New York Times (

TRC #287: Open Concept Offices + Name That Smoking Edition + Alcohol to Sterilize Wound | The Reality Check (

Study: How working from home boosts and hurts productivity, creativity (

How Coworking Helps Innovation | Hatch Coworking (

UAP Task Force Report

Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena 25 June 2021

UFOs may be real, but that doesn’t mean they are alien spaceships

Bombshell UFO report released! US cannot explain over 100 sightings by pilots and navy

UAP report: Some aerial objects ‘appear to demonstrate advanced technology’

The Unexplained Phenomena of the U.F.O. Report

Pentagon doesn’t rule out extraterrestrial explanation in UAP report

US Government Says UFOs are “Real” — An Analysis of the 60 Minutes Investigation

Does Bone China Contain Real Bone?

Does Bone China Contain Any Actual Bone?

Bone china

How to Tell If Your Bone China Is the Real Deal

Bone china | pottery

History: Bone China

Q&A: Bone China

Is Bone China Ethical + Cruelty Free? – Shop The OM Collective

Halal Cafe & Restaurants in Singapore

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