TRC #287: Open Concept Offices + Name That Smoking Edition + Alcohol to Sterilize Wound

WorkIt’s time for your weekly dose of skepticism with episode 287 of The Reality Check. Adam leads things off by looking into open concept offices and whether or not they deliver all of the productivity boosts that are claimed. Next, Pat leads a spirited game of Name That with questions on the topic of smoking. Darren closes out the show by answering the question of whether or not you should use alcohol to sterilize a wound.

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Open Concept Offices

Open plan – Wikipedia

Cubicle – Wikipedia

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The Government of Canada Workplace 2.0 Fit-up Standards – Real Property – PWGSC

The Open Office Trap – The New Yorker

How To Be Productive In A Distracting Environment – Annie Murphy Paul

Name That: Smoking Edition

Nicotine Yield From Machine-Smoked Cigarettes and Nicotine Intakes in Smokers:

Wikipedia: Nicotine

British American Tobacco:  Measuring Cigarette Deliveries

Flintstones Cigarette Commercials

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Alcohol and Wounds


Reader’s Digest  

Wikipedia (Hydrogen Peroxide)

Straight Dope

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1 Response to TRC #287: Open Concept Offices + Name That Smoking Edition + Alcohol to Sterilize Wound

  1. Pat G (no not that Pat another one) says:

    Another great episode. Sadly I don’t have Itunes and I need to update flash so I can’t leave you a VM…..

    In our agency, we switched to open concept strictly due to cost concerns. The biggest problem is interruptions from co-workers. Random social chit chat is ok for some but it derails my train of thought and reduces productivity. Give me higher walls at least.

    I would like to comment on one of you Itunes reviews. I listen to a couple of sceptical pod casts regularly. TRC is always informative but lacks the arrogant and superior tone that can creep into other pod casts. TRC segment hosts always state when they are getting outside of their area of knowledge. Not once I have I had to remind myself that TRC hosts are only humans, and not once have I muttered “You people know shit about aeronautical history!” while walking down Scott street plugged into the latest episode.

    Keep up the great work and thank you!

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