TRC #618: McDonald’s Eggs Frozen? + Good News in 2020: Conservation + Doublet Craters w/Dr. Stuart Robbins

Cristina’s back this week asking the important questions…are McDonald’s eggs frozen? If you’re still reeling from the gut punch that was 2020, Darren brings us a delightful segment on “Good News in 2020’ you probably missed, Conservation edition. Our pal, planetary scientist Dr. Stu fills us in on the work he is doing related to doublet craters formed by binary asteroids, and why it’s important. 

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McDonald’s Eggs Frozen?

Egg Farmers of Canada welcomes McDonald’s Canada’s participation in the new Egg Quality Assurance™ program

Max Janssen on Twitter: “Reached my McDonalds for the Mcmuffin today found a shell on my egg” 

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Good News in 2020: Conservation

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Global sustainable fishing initiative agreed by 14 countries | Oceans | The Guardian

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Good News for Climate Change as World Loses Its Taste for Meat – Bloomberg

Doublet Craters w/Dr. Stuart Robbins

Stuart’s Homepage

Stuart on Twitter

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