TRC #617: Vaccines and the Post Hoc Fallacy + Monoliths

Adam and Darren are reunited and happily hijack this week’s show. Darren breaks down the post hoc fallacy, aka ‘after this, therefore because of this’, and examines it in the context of COVID vaccines. Adam goes deep on the mysterious so-called monoliths making headlines over the last year, giving new meaning to the saying, ‘What’s up, Cuboids?’

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Post Hoc Fallacy and Vaccines

Global News 

CDC strokes 

CDC heart attack 


Mysterious monoliths in Utah, California, Romania, UK: Everything we know so far – CNET

Did John McCracken Make That Monolith in Utah? – The New York Times

Utah monolith – Wikipedia

Monolith Tracker

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1 Response to TRC #617: Vaccines and the Post Hoc Fallacy + Monoliths

  1. Tom Bridgman says:

    In regards to the monolith, the whole series of events has some similarity to the crop circles craze some decades ago (
    1980s?! Was it really that long ago? I’m getting old… :^)

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