TRC #549: Forever Fries & Onion Tears With Dr. Stuart Farrimond + Name That: British Food Edition

Our favourite Food Scientist is back to tackle some of your most pressing food-related questions. Ever find a 3 week old fry under a car seat? Stuart breaks down why fast food seems to last forever without going bad. Next, he tells us about why onions make us cry and what we can do about it. Bonus question: why do we “rest” beef and chicken but not fish? Pat rounds out the show with a 3 vs 1 edition of everyone’s favourite mostly guessing game “name that” where the crew teams up against Stuart.

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Forever Fries and Onion Tears

Would you eat the world’s oldest McDonald’s burger?

Man keeps McDonald’s burger and fries for six years & they look the same as the day they were fried

Man Selling a 6-Year-Old McDonald’s Cheeseburger Has Learned a Lot

The Crying Game: Onion cutting solutions examined

Spice: Understand the Science of Spice, Create Exciting New Blends, and Revolutionize Your Cooking

The Science of Cooking: Every Question Answered to Perfect Your Cooking

Name That: British Food

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Wikipedia: Bubble and Squeak

Wikipedia: Parkin Cake

Wikipedia: Molasses

Wikipedia: Full Breakfast

CNN: Wimbledon: Strawberries and Cream

BBC: Facts About Strawberries

Wikipedia: Gentleman’s Relish

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