TRC #548: Presidential War On Press? + Science Proves Hip Hop Is Most Influential Genre? + Energy Costs Vs Waste

Darren kicks off the show dropping a bombshell on the panel when he looks into reporting around the U.S. government seizing records for phone lines assigned to the Associated Press  and its journalists. Cristina finds out if we can prove rap is the most important music since 1960 using Science. Finally, Adam revisits his segment on plastic vs cloth bags after a listener points out he may have failed to consider the consequences of plastic on our environment.

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Presidential War On Press?


Michael Enright CBC

Neil MacDonald CBC

Can Science Prove Hip Hop Is Most Influential Genre?

CNN: Is rap the most important music since 1960? Scientists say they have proof

Inquirer: Mathematics tracks the hip hop revolution

BBC News: Pop music marked by three revolutions in 50 years

YouTube: Interview with Dr Mathias Mauch

Wiki: Royal Society Open Science

Wiki: Timbre

Wiki: Philippine Daily Inquirer

Atlantic: 1991: The Most Important Year in Pop-Music History

Energy Costs Vs Waste

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