TRC #508: Politicians Use Songs Without Permission? + Plastic Straws and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch + Wear Sunscreen

Cristina looks into whether politicians can use a song without first obtaining the artist’s permission.  The answer may surprise you. Next, Adam looks into the great Pacific garbage patch and whether banning plastic straws is the answer. Lastly, Darren brings you his important triennial PSA on why you should always wear sunscreen.

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Can Politicians Use Songs Without Permission?

Socan: FAQ On Licensing

YouTube: Vox – How Queen Got Trump To Stop Using Their Music

Rolling Stone: Why Politicians Keep Using Songs Without Artist’s Permission

Independent: Trump Slammed By Musicians

EURWeb: Sam Moore Says ‘’Hold On’ Obama

R Street: Musicians Can’t Always Get What They Want When Politicians Use Their Songs

Five Thirty Eight: The Long History Of Musicians Telling Republicans To Stop Playing Their Music

The Daily Beast: Are Politicians Too Dumb To Understand The Lyrics To Born In the USA

Rolling Stone: Artists Who Fought Politicians Over Their Music

BMI: Music License For Political Entities

Plastic Straws and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Great Pacific garbage patch – Wikipedia

By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans, study says – Washington Post

Plastics at SEA North Pacific Expedition – Investigating the effects of plastic in the ocean ecosystem – Home

Science Says: Amount of straws, plastic pollution is huge –

Wear Sunscreen


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