TRC #526: Effective Donating + Dr. Stuart Robbins Vmail + How Does Citizenship Work If You’re Born In The Air Or At Sea?

What’s up, Checkers? This week’s show was recorded on “Giving Tuesday” so Darren brings us an update on effective giving and how to make informed decisions about the charities you support. Dr. Stuart Robbins ‘phones-in’ with a follow-up on flat earther arguments and the late heavy bombardment. Adam rounds out the show with a follow-up to his recent segment on U.S. citizenship, after a listener asks, what happens if you’re born in the air or at sea?

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Effective Donating

Givewell – Top Charities

Dean Karlan


How to donate to GiveWell charities tax-efficiently

Dr. Stuart Robbins Vmail

Dr. Stuart Robbins

Exposing PseudoAstronomy

TRC Episode 521

TRC Episode 514

How Does Citizenship Work If You’re Born In The Air Or At Sea?

What citizenship does a child have if they are born on an international flight? – Quora

Guidelines for Flying While Pregnant: Can Pregnant Women Fly? – Airport Security and TSA Travel Tips

Birth aboard aircraft and ships – Wikipedia

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