TRC #525: Turkey Cooking Temps + Skepticism & The Tourism Industry With András Pinter + Name That: Europe Edition

This week, Cristina revisits a topic covered on last week’s show by guest Dr. Stuart Farrimond after a ˙couple of food inspectors, who also happen to be Checkers, write in about food safety guidelines. András Pinter, host of the European Skeptics Podcast, joins the panel for an interesting discussion about the tourism industry and how a tour guide can strike the right balance between skepticism and entertainment. Finally, Producer Pat challenges our European knowledge with everyone’s favourite mostly guessing game, Name That.

Download direct: mp3 file

Turkey Cooking Temps

FSIS USDA GOV – Let’s Talk Turkey

NHS UK: Cooking Turkey Safely

Health Canada: Poultry Safety

The Guardian – Food Advice

The European Skeptics’ Podcast

Name That: European Edition

Wikipedia: Norwegian EU Referendum

Countries in the EU

World Tourism Rankings

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