TRC #492: Gun Violence In Canada Increasing? + Name That: ‘Easter’ + Fake Passport Website

Happy Spring Equinox, Checkers! This week, Adam questions whether gun violence in Canada is really increasing by targeting the facts. Pat challenges the crew to an Easter-ish version of everybody’s favourite mostly guessing game. Lastly, Darren warns us about an online passport service taking advantage of unsuspecting Canadians.

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Is Gun Violence Increasing In Canada

@JustinTrudeau –

Firearms Legislation to Make Communities Safer –

Incident-based crime statistics, by detailed violations – Statistics Canada

Homicide Survey – Surveys and statistical programs – Statistics Canada

Firearms and violent crime in Canada, 2012

Canada has a gun problem – The Globe and Mail

Name That: ‘Easter’

Wikipedia: Easter Island

Flying Easter Bells In France

All You Need To Know About Faberge Eggs

Wikipedia: Faberge Eggs

Guinness World Records – Largest Egg From A Living Bird

National Geographic: Kiwi Birds Lay Eggs A Quarter Of Their Body Size

New Research: Why Is the Kiwi Bird’s Egg So Large?

Wikipedia: Maundy Thursday

LA Times: NASA Lengthens Easter Island Runway

Wikipedia: Mataveri International Airport

Fake Passport Website


First CBC story

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