TRC #491: Hawaiian Islands + Euthanasia Drugs In Dog Food + Amelia Earhart’s Bones

Aloha Checkers! The whole crew is here for a brand new show. Back from a trip to Hawaii, Darren discusses how the islands that make up the State came to be. Cristina, once again, looks into the question: are euthanasia drugs showing up in dog food? Lastly, Adam looks into some recent headlines claiming that Amelia Earhart’s bones have been found.

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Hawaiian Islands

Wikipedia: Emperor Seamount Chain

Wikipedia: Hawaiian Islands

Euthanasia Drugs In Dog Food?

Gizmodo: Euthanasia Drug In Dog Food

Gizmodo: Another Dog Food Recall

Gizmodo: Dog Food Recall

People: Dog Food Recall Euthanasia Drug

WJLA: FDA To Investigate After ABC Exposes Euthanasia Drug In Dog Food

CNN: Dog Food And Pentobarbital

Consumer Affairs: Long Bizarre History Of Euthanasia Drugs In Pet Food

Clean Label Project: Pet Food

WagBrag: Best and Worst Pet Food

Adam’s Previous Segment

FDA: Recalls Pet Food

Adulterated Food

FDA: Risk Of Pentobarbital In Pet Food

Animal Rendering Economics and Policy

Amelia Earhart’s Bones

Amelia Earhart and the Nikumaroro Bones – A 1941 Analysis versus Modern Quantitative Techniques – Richard L. Jantz – Forensic Anthropology

Have Amelia Earhart’s Remains Been Located? – Snopes

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