TRC #493: Cadbury’s War On Easter? + Jordan Peterson + Lebron Gained 7lbs During A Game?

This week, Adam looks into a viral post suggesting that confectionery company Cadbury is waging war on Easter. Next Darren takes a deep dive into Jordan Peterson and his book ‘12 Rules For Life’. Lastly Cristina checks into headlines suggesting that Lebron James gained 7 pounds during a single basketball game.

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Cadbury’s War On Easter?

“At this time of year please spare a thought for the Cadbury social media team.” – @JamieRoss7 –

Chocolate makers ban ‘Easter’ from eggs to stop ‘offending’ other religions – Daily Star

NASA covered up Nibiru ‘for 30 years’ and is withholding ‘the TRUTH’ about Planet X – Daily Star

Theresa May wades into ‘Easter egg hunt’ row despite apparently thin grasp of story – The Independent

Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt – United Kingdom

Did Cadbury Candies Eliminate the Word ‘Easter’? – Snopes

Easter quietly dropped from Easter eggs – The Telegraph

Jordan Peterson And 12 Rules For Life

Peterson’s ‘Maps of Meaning’ TVO Lecture Series.

The Agenda

BBC Interview

Lebron James Gained 7lbs During A Game?

USA Today

Deadspin: We Asked A Sports Science Expert If LeBron Could Have Really Gained Seven Pounds During A Basketball Game

ESPN: How LeBron James fixed his back and is on track to play all 82 games

Wiki: LeBron James

Wiki: Hyponatremia

Chowhound: If You Ate 113 lbs of Food Would You Gain 113 lbs?

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