TRC #376: Are Religious Children Less Altruistic + Are There Pets in Pet Food?

42-18125044TRC do it live!  This week’s show was recording in front of a live audience at Skepticamp Ottawa.  First Darren takes a look at recent headlines suggesting that a study has found religious children are less altruistic than their nonreligious counterparts.   Next Adam bites into claims that euthanized dogs and cats are showing up in commercial pet foods.

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Religious Children Less Altruistic


The Guardian

Huffington Post

Pets In Pet Food

Food and Drug Administration/Center for Veterinary Medicine Report on the Risk from Pentobarbital in Dog Food – FDA

Euthanized Pets in Pet Food – International Skeptics Forum

EPA Document Proves Euthanized Dogs and Cats are Rendered – Truth About Pet Food

Topic: Dog food Made From Dogs Kills Dogs? – Snopes message board

A Dog-Eat-Dog World – Does your Pet Food Contain Dead Pets? – Slate

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