TRC #465: Hurricanes, Typhoons & Cyclones + Climate Change vs Hurricanes + Hurricane Evacuation

With Hurricane Harvey shaping up to be one of the most damaging natural disasters in U.S history, the panel dedicate this week’s show to learning more about hurricanes. First, Darren gives us a quick overview of what a hurricane is and the differences between it, typhoons, and cyclones. Adam looks at the impact of climate change on hurricanes. Lastly, Cristina digs into why and when evacuation orders are implemented during natural disasters after the recent criticism around Harris County.

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Hurricanes, Typhoons & Cyclones

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Climate Change vs Hurricanes

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Global Warming and Hurricanes – Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

The role of climate change in the unprecedented disaster that is unfolding in Houston with Hurricane Harvey – Michael Mann

Texas Flooding Kills at Least 5; Governor Declares State of Emergency – The Weather Channel

When Should You Evacuate During Storms?

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Wired: Evacuation Hurricane Harvey

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