TRC #466: Science Of Summer + Biased Algorithms + Lord Of The Flies Plausibility?

This week, Darren looks into the science of late summer and why we get that sudden feeling that summer is gone. Honorary TRC’er and resident machine learning expert Dallas Card joins the Toronto crew in-studio to dissect whether algorithms can be biased. Finally, after hearing a female adaptation of Lord of the Flies is in the works, Adam asks whether the movie’s concept is even plausible. PS. If you ‘get’ this week’s photo, you win the internet.

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Science Of Summer

Ottawa Citizen – Science of Late Summer

Ottawa Citizen – Wettest Spring

CBC – Wettest July

Biased Algorithms

Original ProPublica article

A dissenting re-analysis

Interactive visualization of different notions of fairness:

Proof of inherent tradeoffs in fairness

Lord Of The Flies Plausibility

Robbers Cave Experiment – Realistic Conflict Theory – Simply Psychology

Real-Life Lord of the Flies: The Strange and Violent History of Pitcairn Island – Ancient Origins

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