TRC #461: Online Harassment Research + Arcade Fire vs Fake News + How Far Away Is Lightning?

Happy August, Checkers! This week, Adam digs into a recent Pew Research Center study about online harassment to find out if women are more likely to be harassed online than men. Cristina gives us a lesson in Internet Trolling 101 featuring Canadian band Arcade Fire. Finally, Darren determines whether counting between lightning and thunder can really tell you the distance of a storm.

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Online Harassment Research

Online Harassment 2017 – Pew Research Center

A Marvel Comics Editor Is Being Harassed Because She Posted a Selfie With Her Coworkers – The Mary Sue

Arcade Fire vs Fake News

National Post: Arcade Fire Fake News

Uproxx: Arcade Fire Dress Code

The Guardian: Arcade Fire Fake News

Uproxx: Arcade Fire Dress Code

On The A.Side: Problem with Arcade Fire’s Infinite Content

National Post: Arcade Fire & Terry Gilliam

National Post: Arcade Fire Dress Code

The Verge: Arcade Fire Fidget Spinner

Uproxx: Arcade Fire Everything Now Review

Twitter: Arcade Fire

Uproxx: Arcade Fire Kardashian Shirts

Infowarz: Arcade Fire extremists

Stereoyum: Arcade Fire Premature Evaluation

Stereogum: Arcade Fire Announce Strict Dress Code

Everything Now Fidget Spinner

Twitter: Everything No Co.

How Far Away Is Lightning?

Wikipedia Speed of Sound

How stuff works


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