TRC #462: Sophomore Slump + Name That: Darren Edition + Do Millennials Cheat Less?

Our old friend and OG TRC co-host Elan “Origami” Dubrofsky fills in this week for vacationing Darren with a ‘skepticool’ look at whether the phenomenon known as the “Sophomore Slump” has any truth to it. Pat has some fun trolling the panel with a game of Name That: Darren Edition. Finally, Adam picks apart the data behind recent headlines claiming millennials commit less and  ‘housewives’ commit more adultery.

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Sophomore Slump

The Hockey Writers: Is The Sophomore Slump Real?

The Hockey News: Sophomore Slump Phenomenon is Very Real

Left Wing Lock Draft Kit

Name That: Darren Edition

The Giving What We Can Pledge

Wikipedia: Peter Singer

Calvin And Hobbes

Susie Derkins

Being Unstuck In Time: Slaughterhouse Five

The Trolly Problem

Do Millennials Cheat Less?

Why millennials cheat less than their parents – New York Post

America’s Generation Gap in Extramarital Sex – Institute for Family Studies

If your wife has this job, she’s much more likely to cheat on you – indy100

Decline of stay at home mother: Just one woman in ten is a full time mum – Daily Mail Online

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