TRC #460: Sam Harris vs Scott Adams On Trump + Highway Signs + Consequences Of Animal Activism

This week Darren gives us an impassioned critical overview of a recent interview on Waking Up with Sam Harris featuring Dilbert creator Scott Adams who makes a case for Trump. Cristina looks into how businesses get their logos on those big blue highway signs and at what cost. Finally, Adam looks at a recent and tragic news story about a Mink farm and reminds us sometimes there are consequences even with the best of intentions.

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Sam Harris vs Scott Adams On Trump

Waking Up with Sam Harris #87 – Triggered (with Scott Adams)

Highway Signs

Jalopnik: Here’s How Much Businesses Pay To Get On Those Big Blue Exit Signs

Ontario TODS

Canadian TODS Eligibility Criteria

MTC: Tourism

Canada TODS Interstate

Michigan Interstate Logo Fees

Ads at interstate exits mean revenue for state and businesses that participate

Consequences Of Animal Activism

Misguided Attempt to Free Thousands of Minks Goes Horribly Wrong – Slate


How many skins in a mink coat –

Mink – Wikipedia

Save Snopes

Save Snopes

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