TRC #453: Sugar In The Gas Tank? + Conceptual Penis Hoax + Sailor Moon The Voice Of Wonder Woman?

The weekend is here and so is TRC! First, Pat does an engine check on what would happen if someone put sugar in your gas tank. Darren looks into some big news in the skeptical community regarding the publication of a fake paper in a social science journal. Last, Adam battles rumours that the voice of Sailor Moon is the Japanese voice of Wonder Woman.

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Sugar In The Gas Tank

Car Talk: I Put Sugar In My Husband’s Gas Tank

Snopes: Sugar In The Tank

Thought Co: Sugar In Gas Tank

Gizmodo: Here’s What Happens When You Put Sugar In Your Gas Tank

Myth Breakers: Sugar In Gas Tank (Video)

Mercury News: Click and Clack Sugar In Gas Tank Generally Won’t Harm Engine

The Refreshments: Banditos (Video)

Conceptual Penis Hoax




Pacific Standard

Sailor Moon Voice Of Wonder Woman

No, Kotono Mitsuishi, the voice of Sailor Moon, is not the voice of Wonder Woman in the dub of the film

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