TRC #428: Truffle Oil + The Science Of Idiocracy + Paid Sick Leave

trufflehogPat starts things off by digging for the truth about truffle oil. Next, Adam looks into the science behind the movie ‘Idiocracy’ and asks: is natural selection making us dumb? Lastly, Cristina coughs up some facts around the real cost of not providing paid sick leave.

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Truffle Oil

Planet Money: A Trunk Full Of Truffles

TRC Episode 331: Sushi and Wasabi

CBS: Truffles – Most Expensive Food In The World

Priceonomics: Truffle No Truffles In Truffle Oil

Wikipedia: Truffle Hog

NY Times: Hocus-Pocus, And A Beaker Of Truffles

The Truffle Oil Shuffle

World Famous Chefs Hate Truffle Oil

Truffle Aroma: Make Your Own Truffle Oil

The Science Of Idiocracy

Idiocracy is a Cruel Movie and You Should Be Ashamed for Liking It – Gizmodo

Francis Galton – Wikipedia

Flynn effect – Wikipedia

Intelligence quotient – Wikipedia

Fertility and Inteligence – Wikipedia

Heritability of IQ – Wikipedia

The Gene: An Intimate History by Siddhartha Mukherjee

The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature by Steven Pinker

The Time Machine by H. G. Wells

Paid Sick Leave

NY Times: High Cost Of Not Offering Sick Leave

NPR:  The Workplace And Health

Profiling The U.S. Sick Leave Landscape

Health Affairs

Paid Sick Days Access Varies

Comparison Of Paid Sick Days Policies

Huffington Post: Canada Needs Policies Ensuring Sick Days

Canadian Centre For Policy Alternatives

Health Workers Support Paid Sick Leave

Current Sick Days Laws

The Pros and Cons Of Sick Day Schemes

Support For Paid Sick Leave

Health And Productivity Among U.S Workers

Absence, Disability and Presenteeism

Wikipedia: Presenteeism

NY Times: Contractors Required To Provide Paid Sick Leave

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