TRC #429: Is Barter The Origin Of Money? + More Trees Than Stars? + Snowflakes

schoolhouseSpecial guest, Lars, gets things started by examining whether barter is the origin of money. Next, Pat looks into whether there are more trees on Earth than stars in the Milky Way. Lastly, Darren gives us a primer on snowflakes.

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Is Barter The Origin Of Money

The Wealth of Nations By Adam Smith

Barter and Economic Disintegration By Caroline Humphrey

The Myth of the Myth of Barter By George Selgin

Schoolhouse Rock: Barter

Debt: The First 5000 Years: By David Graeber

The Invention of Coinage and the Monetization of Ancient Greece; By David M Schaps

The Economics Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained

More Trees Than Stars?

Image Claiming More Trees Than Stars





Nat Geo


Easy Science For Kids

Mental Floss


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