TRC #331: Bad Luck & Cancer + Annual Predictions + Sushi & Wasabi

futurecrystalballHappy New Year from TRC!  On this week’s episode, Darren doubles down on whether cancer is mostly the result of bad luck, while Adam looks into his crystal ball for our Annual Predictions. Pat rounds out the show with the raw facts on sushi and wasabi and rings in 2015’s inaugural episode with some ‘Rap Bravado’. Check it…

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2 Responses to TRC #331: Bad Luck & Cancer + Annual Predictions + Sushi & Wasabi

  1. Nick says:

    So… what is the inherent flaw in Sarah Connors plan to avoid cancer? How could such important skeptical content possibly get cut from the show.

    • Adam G. says:

      Hi Nick,

      My comment was in reference to the idea that many kinds of cancer were not the result of any environment interference but rather the result of truly random mutations during cell division. Indeed, the amount of such cancers is not the two thirds number mentioned but on the assumption that Sarah’s cancer was of that type, there wasn’t anything she can do about it.

      In T3 as well as the Sarah Connor Chronicles TV series it is said that, if she didn’t time travel, she would die of cancer before judgement day. This knowledge to Sarah, who has since skipped past the time she would have died, causes her to try anything to avoid cancer. We see her take some sort of supplement, likely something that doesn’t really work, in a futile attempt to avoid getting cancer. We also see her concerned about this in the episode where they visit the nuclear plant. She gets checked out to see if that resulted in some form of cancer hoping early detection will be the key, and finds some kind of implant.

      Anyway, while saying it I realized we don’t really know of the source of her cancer after all. Maybe it’s leaked radiation from a Terminator’s fuel source! Maybe it’s something that is known to the state of California to cause cancer! Maybe it’s a random unavoidable mutation which occur during cell division.

      Unfortunately we will never known as this fine show was cancelled long before it’s time.

      Anyway… you should probably watch these:

      Thanks for listening.

      Adam G.

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