TRC #419: Are Bees Endangered? + Peanut Butter Deadly To Dogs? + Transcendental Meditation

dogpbThis week, Darren delves into all the buzz around headlines citing bees are endangered. Cristina digs into why peanut butter containing xylitol may be deadly to dogs. Finally, Adam enlightens us with a look at transcendental meditation.


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Are Bees Endangered?

WP – Endangered Bees

WP – Millions of bees dead

WP – Bees are okay  

Peanut Butter Deadly To Dogs?

Boom 99.7: Toxic Foods For Dogs

Boom 99.7: Warning For Dog Owners

TRC #324 – Dogs + Chocolate

TRC #308 – Dogs + Ice Water

Is Peanut Butter Safe For Dogs? Please Beware – Some Could Be Deadly!

Which Products Contain Xylitol? Here’s a List!

Snopes: Xylitol Danger

New findings on the effects of xylitol ingestion in dogs

No Sugar Coating: Products Sweetened With Xylitol Can Be Toxix To Dogs

Slideshow: Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat

Food Nutrition Australia

Pet Poison Helpline

Pet MD: Grape and Raisin Poisoning in Dogs

Dogs and Mushrooms: Are They Poisonous?

Mushroom poisoning in dogs

Hematologic changes associated with the appearance of eccentrocytes after intragastric administration of garlic extract to dogs

Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation – The Skeptic’s Dictionary

TRC #335: Meditation + Name That: Anatomy Edition + V-Steam & Gwyneth Paltrow

Transcendental Meditation Official Website (Go here to separate yourself from your hard earned money)

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