TRC #308: Crossfit + SETI + Dogs And Ice Water

SETI-radio-arrayEpisode 308 is here.   First Darren tries to work out whether Crossfit is suing scientists.   Next Adam searches for answers in reply to a listener’s email about the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI).   Lastly, Pat pours over evidence on whether or not it is safe for dogs to drink ice water.

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Crossfit website


BroScience Video


Drake equation – Wikipedia

Search for extraterrestrial intelligence – Wikipedia

[sci.astro] ET Life (Astronomy Frequently Asked Questions) (6/9)Section – F.06 How far away could we detect radio transmissions?

How far can we hear? – Ask Dr. SETI

Can Dogs Drink Ice Water?

Pet MD: Dr. Patty Khuly

Hoax-Slayer: Ice Water Harmful To Dogs

Snopes: Dogs and Ice Water

GDV or Bloat in Dogs


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1 Response to TRC #308: Crossfit + SETI + Dogs And Ice Water

  1. Stephen Kendall says:

    I’m enjoying the podcast very much – nicely done! Driving home from the cottage today with my wife and daughter I listened to TRC308 then put to them the question of dogs drinking ice water – concerned for our wonderful black lab Nellie, who likes ice cubes. They were 50/50 split until I imparted your research and wisdom. THEN I said that it’s different for humans since at my gym (a big brand name thing) there are ‘hints for workouts’ recommending ice water when working out to keep your body temperature down. My daughter – an avid user of another gym at a big Canadian University says that’s baloney and all their water is lukewarm and well it should be. So, I hope you can extend your excellent research on dogs to ‘humans while working out’. Ice water? good or bad?
    B.Eng Carleton ’83
    M.Div UofT ’87

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