TRC #324: Serial Killer Myths + Name That: Weights and Measures + Is Chocolate Poison To Dogs?

tablespoonchocolateAnother great episode!   First Cristina slays a few misconceptions about serial killers, next Pat sizes up the panel’s knowledge about weights and measures with another game of ‘name that.’   Lastly, Adam sniffs out the truth about dogs and chocolate.

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Serial Killer Myths

FBI Uniform Crime Report 2011

Serial Murder: FBI Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives for Investigators

Scientific American: 5 myths about serial killers and why they persist

Top serial killer myths the FBI wants to correct

Serial Killer Wiki

Radford University Serial Killer Statistics

Stats Can Homicide Offences

Edmund Kemper Wiki

Name That: Weights and Measures

Measurement Canada: Buying Firewood

Wikipedia:  Cord and Rick

Wikipedia: Scoville Scale

Guinness Book:  Carolina Reaper Pepper

Excerpt – Spices and Seasonings A Food Technology Handbook

Wikipedia: Hectare

Wikipedia: Metrology

Skeptic’s Dictionary

Wikipedia: The Tablespoon

Recipeland: Australian Cooking Measurements

My deliciosity food blog

Thread on cooking.stackexchange

 Is Chocolate Poison To Dogs?

Chocolate Toxicity Meter – petMD

Theobromine poisoning – Wikipedia


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3 Responses to TRC #324: Serial Killer Myths + Name That: Weights and Measures + Is Chocolate Poison To Dogs?

  1. -DeeT says:

    Thanks for a very enjoyable episode. Thanks also for turning me on to the podcast “Serial”. Wow it’s riveting. Gonna try “The Staircase” next.

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