TRC #414: Talking To Dogs + How Saintly Was Mother Teresa? + Kids’ Dream Jobs Study

It’s TRC’s 8th birthday! This week, Darren digs into recent headlines that suggest science has confirmed our canine friends understand us. Cristina examines the controversy swirling around the canonization of Mother Teresa. Finally, Adam looks at how a study came up with the 10 most common childhood dream jobs.

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Talking To Dogs

Washington Post



Scientific American

The Bark

How Saintly Was Mother Teresa?

Study Abstract: Les côtés ténébreux de Mère Teresa (Dark Side of Mother Teresa)

Reddit ELI5

Global News: Is Mother Teresa worthy of sainthood? Some researchers don’t think so

Huff Post: Mother Teresa Was No Saint

Radio-Canada: Canadian study: Mother Teresa not so “saintly”

Daily Mail: Was Mother Teresa not so saintly after all? Researchers spark controversy by claiming her care of the sick was ‘dubious’ and handling of cash ‘suspicious’

Globe and Mail: Mother Teresa was ‘anything but a saint,’ Canadian study says

Globe and Mail: Mother Teresa borne to sainthood by complex, mysterious process

Independent: Mother Teresa wasn’t a saintly person – she was a shrewd operator with unpalatable views who knew how to build up a brand

Wiki: Mother Teresa

YouTube: Christopher Hitchens – Mother Teresa: Hell’s Angel

YouTube: Penn And Teller BS Christopher Hitchens on Mother Teresa

CNN: Mother Teresa declared a saint before huge crowds in the Vatican

The Nobel Peace Prize 1979

NPR: Catholic Church Examines Financial Cost Of Sainthood

Kids’ Dream Jobs Study

What 10 Common Childhood Dream Jobs Actually Pay – Forbes

Linked In Press Centre
(Cached: Cool Careers: LinkedIn Research Reveals Data About the Top Childhood Dream Jobs )

NY Mag: Just 6 Percent of Us Have the Jobs We Wanted As Kids – Science of US

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2 Responses to TRC #414: Talking To Dogs + How Saintly Was Mother Teresa? + Kids’ Dream Jobs Study

  1. Paul Buhler says:

    In regards to Mother Teresa’s Nobel Peace prize, I remember in the late 1970s at the Catholic Church I attended we were encouraged to sign a petition that would put pressure on the prize committee to give the award to Mother Teresa. At the time I thought “Of course, she needs to be recognized for her work”. Sadly the intervening years have shown many of us the true story of this lady and her “good works”.

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