TRC #415: 22 Push-up Challenge + Name That: Hoax Edition + Are Parents Naming Their Kids After Pokémon?

babypikaDarren explores whether the recent 22 Push-up Challenge making the rounds actually helps veterans. Pat tests the panel’s knowledge on hoaxes with another edition of Name That. Finally, Adam looks into whether parents are really naming their babies after Pokémon.

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22 Push-up Challenge

Task and Purpose


Darren’s Pushup Video

Name That: Hoax Edition

Wikipedia: Piltdown Man

Wikipedia: Spaghetti Tree Hoax

Wikipedia: Cottingley Faries

Wikipedia: Clifford Irving  Big Ben Goes Digital

Are Parents Naming Their Kids After Pokémon?

At least 698 Americans share their names with Pokémon – Fusion

Parents Are Naming Their Babies After Pokémon – Most Popular Baby Names of 2016

Social Security Administration data

Babies named after Pokémon spreadsheet by Adam G.


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