TRC #402: Helping Or Hurting Wildlife? + Is Uber A Scam? + Did A Teen Find A Lost Mayan City?

bison2On this week’s show, Darren examines recent stories about people who put a baby bison in their car in Yellowstone National Park.  Next, Cristina does the math on how much Uber drivers really make.   Last, Adam fact checks headlines claiming that a Quebec teenager found a lost Mayan city.

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Helping Or Hurting Wildlife?

Washington Post

Is Uber A Scam?

Forbes: Uber Data Show How Wildly Driver Pay Can Vary

Metro: If you think you’ll get rich driving UberX in Toronto, think again

Huff Post: What Do Uber Drivers Earn? $4.60 An Hour, Montreal Experiment Concludes

Huff Post: Toronto Uber Drivers On Average Made $3,125 In First Year

Annual Cost to Own and Operate a Vehicle Falls to $8,698, Finds AAA

Uber Driver Invite – Includes Graph from YouTube video

Observer:    Search… Observer BUSINESS & TECH Uber Drivers Plan Boycott After Fare Cuts Slash Their Earnings to Below Minimum Wage

Uber – Driver – Earnings

Slate: In Search of Uber’s Unicorn

Not Cool Uber

NYC Gov: Taxicab Factbook

Did A Teen Find A Lost Mayan City?

Un adolescent dÈcouvre une citÈ maya – Le Journal de Montreal

“Forgotten Mayan city ‘discovered’ in Central America by 15-year-old” – Independent

Quebec teen uses stars to locate possible lost Mayan city in Mexican jungle – CBC

Quebec teen discovers ancient Mayan ruins by studying the stars – Yahoo

Orion correlation theory – Wikipedia

Experts question possible discovery of Mayan city by Quebec teenager – The Globe and Mail

Quebec teen, backed by Canadian Space Agency, thinks he found lost Mayan city. Scholar not so sure – National Post

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3 Responses to TRC #402: Helping Or Hurting Wildlife? + Is Uber A Scam? + Did A Teen Find A Lost Mayan City?

  1. FRANK HABETS says:

    Some time ago, I was driving through Algonquin Park and saw several cars parked by the side of the road. I stopped to take a look. Lo and behold, on the other side of the shallow draining ditch were a couple of unattended bear cubs,. Cute.
    Scary: some parents were posing their young kids standing by the road with the cubs a mere 10 meters away in the background.
    Can you get a Darwin Award for getting your children mauled by a an angry Mama bear?

  2. Nick says:

    I enjoyed the use of interstitial music.

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