TRC #401: Did Apple Steal Your Music? + Disaster Relief + Catterbox

maxresdefaultOn this week’s show, Pat looks into a recent story making the rounds on the internet about Apple stealing your music. Next, Darren revisits the best way to give during a disaster on the heels of the Fort McMurray wildfires. Finally, Adam talks about…what else? Cats! Is there really a new cat collar that will translate your cat’s meows? Collar me skeptical.

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Did Apple Steal Your Music?

Apple Support Pages





Apple Discussions

Disaster Relief

Edward McIntyre: Why Helping Hurts

CBC primer on wildfires


This Collar Will Allow Your Cat To Actually Talk To You – Pretty 52



Sorry Earth, talking cat collar can’t actually make cats talk

Cat collar translates meows into human speech – CNET

The Catterbox collar will translate your cat’s meows into human speech – Independent

Temptations Made a Collar That Finally Gives Your Cat a Human Voice, So It Can Talk to You – Adweek

The Catterbox Might Help You Understand What Your Cat Is Saying – Nerdist

(Claims to have checked to see if it was fake and couldn’t tell!)

Catterbox cat collar translates meows into human speech – Consumer Affairs

3D Printed Catterbox Translates Your Cat’s Meows Into English So You Can Have More Meaningful Conversations –

Temptations Catterbox Collar Lets Your Cat Talk Back – Digital Trends

Someone’s made a cat collar that gives your cat a human voice – Metro News

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