TRC #317: Programmer Productivity + Parody Websites + iPhone Bending

bending-iphone-wallpapers_35262_640x960Episode 317 of The Reality Check is really fantastic. Elan leads things off by looking into the claim that excellent programmers can be more than 10 times more productive than average ones. Next, Adam looks into some “parody” websites. Darren closes out the show by answering if it’s true that the iPhone 6 bends.

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Programmer Productivity

Economist Article

Martin Fowler – Cannot Measure Productivity

Steve McConnel – Productivity Variations Among Software Developers and Teams: The Origin of 10x

Laurent Bossavit – Fact and folklore in software engineering

Steve McConnel – Origins of 10X – How Valid is the Underlying Research?

Wikipedia – Construct Validity

Parody Web Sites

New York Artist Creates Art That is Invisible – This is That

The Sheer Stupidity of Useful Idiots on Full Display; Looks Like the ‘Intellectuals’ Aren’t So Smart

Blank canvas: London gallery unveils ‘invisible’ art exhibition – News – Art – The Independent

Sarah Palin: ‘Don’t Forget Your Umbrella’ During Solar Storm

Sarah Palin’s North Korea Slip: ‘We’ve Gotta Stand With Our North Korean Allies’

Sarah Palin: Tea Party aren’t ‘domestic terrorists’ — If we were we’d be better pals with Obama – NY Daily News

Sarah Palin’s family sought health care in Canada – Telegraph

Sarah Palin: ‘I’ll Go To Canada’ for Health Care – The Daily Currant

The Great Satirical-News Scam of 2014

New Driving law bans motorists from eating breakfast sandwiches in Nova Scotia

Sweden Insists On Fire Alarms On Hotel Made Of Ice – Techdirt

Saudi Arabia bans 50 ‘blasphemous’ baby names — like Benjamin – The Washington Times

Carolina Church Charging Admission Fee for Sunday Service – The News Nerd

Assault over saved seats at Mormon chapel leads to jail sentence – Deseret News

Brooke Burns: In Hollywood: ‘If you go to church you’re crazy’ – Fox News

Marijuana Cures, Vaccinates Hepatitis C, Research Shows – National Report

Cannabis oil cured my terminal cancer – Daily Express

Marijuana: The next diabetes drug? – CNN Health

Facebook Is Testing a ‘Satire’ Label for Stories from ‘The Onion’

Museum of Non-Visible Art- Praxis & James Franco collaborate

iPhone Bending

Washington Post

Business Insider

Cult of Mac: The Shocking History of Bent Smartphones



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5 Responses to TRC #317: Programmer Productivity + Parody Websites + iPhone Bending

  1. me says:

    even/odd applies to integers only, so:

    if(whatever & 1)
    -> odd
    -> even

    divide by 2, check remainder? seriously?
    on a gen 4 intel, an (unsigned) DIV is ~11 cycles worst-case for 32 bits and ~74 worst-case for 64 bits while AND+CMP is 1-2 cycles

    that’s your 10x more competent programmer improvement right there

  2. Elan says:

    Ha! I don’t know how an explanation of bitwise operators would have played on the podcast.

  3. me says:

    Yes, probably not all that well. 😀

  4. Danielle says:

    I have a question about the invisible art/parody website segment. I listened to the interview on CBC radio this is that show. The host interviewed Lana about the invisible art and how she came to doing that. My question is, are you saying the whole interview is fake?

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