TRC #318: Do Glasses Weaken Eyes? + Smoking in Movies = R-rating + Pluto A Planet Again?

sailorplutoEven when short-staffed, the guys deliver the skepticism.   First Pat takes an arm’s length look at whether wearing glasses weakens eyes.   Next, Darren tries to get a grip on smoking in movies and its effect on ratings.   But both those segments may be dwarfed by Adam’s look into whether or not Pluto is again a planet.

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MS Link from Dr. Stu

Disease Modifying Agents

Do Glasses Weaken Eyes?

Wikipedia: Presbyopia

Pakistan Study

NIH: Your Aging Eyes

Do Glasses Weaken Your Eyes

Scientific American: Why Does Eyesight Deteriorate

Indian Study

BBC: Glasses Don’t Weaken Eyes

Smoking In Movies = R-rating?


Is Pluto A Planet Again?

Pluto may be a planet: Your childhood is once again complete

Wait, what? Pluto a planet again? – USA Today

An upgrade for Pluto? The distant orbiter may reclaim planetary status

Is Pluto a Planet? The Votes Are In – Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Pluto – Wikipedia

Sailor Pluto downgraded? – Sailor Moon News

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4 Responses to TRC #318: Do Glasses Weaken Eyes? + Smoking in Movies = R-rating + Pluto A Planet Again?

  1. frank habets says:

    The opening parody song was the best one yet.

  2. Hendrik says:

    Hi team.

    The “Wikipedia: Presbyopia” link seems broken.

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