TRC #316: Three-Breasted Woman + Name That: Cryptozoology Edition + Cow Tipping

cowtippingEpisode 316 is awesome.   First Darren covers a salacious and titillating news story about a three breasted woman.   Next Pat mystifies the panel with a new edition of “name that,” all about cryptozoology.   Lastly, Elan examines the underbelly of claims about cow tipping.

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Three Breasted Woman




Name That: Cryptozoology

Wikipedia: Cryptozoology

Wikipedia: Iliamna Lake Monster

Wikipedia: Cadborosaurus Willsi

Wikipedia: Chupacabra

Wikipedia: List of Cryptids

Wikipedia: Yowie

Wikipedia: Unicorn Horn

Cow Tipping

Wikipedia – Cow Tipping

Pawnation – Does a cow sleep standing?

Modern Farmer – Cow Tipping: Fake or Really Fake?

Tommy Boy Clip

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