TRC #307: Bananas and Fishing + Deer Whistles + Air Bud + Alcohol in Ontario

No_BananasThe core four are back together for the best 307th episode of any podcast ever! Pat leads things off with a superstition he learned about on his vacation regarding fishing and bananas. Next, Elan answers a listener email about deer whistles and whether they actually work. This is followed by an in-depth fact-checking of the movie Air Bud by Adam. Darren closes things out by informing the world how alcohol sales work in Ontario.

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Bananas on Boats

Captain Bouncer – No Bananas

Tailhunters International – Bananas

Snopes – Bananas On Boats Superstition

Fruit Of The Loom

Bananas Ripen Other Fruit

Deer Whistles

Wikipedia – Deer Horn

Whistles and Whitetails

Deer Whistles: Do They Really Work? An In Depth Report By Fred Rau

Globe and Mail Article

Save-a-Deer Whistle

Shu Roo Australian Study

Business Research Group

Air Bud

Tweet from Tim Fletcher @funkmon

Fact Checking ‘Air Bud’ – Modern Farmer

Alcohol in Ontario


Toronto Star

Alcohol and Gaming Commission

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