TRC #296: Did Life On Earth Begin On Another Planet? + Foreign Aid Myths + Drinking Beer With A Straw?

beerstrawThe whole gang is back together and what a show!  First Adam explores whether life on earth began on another planet.   Next, Darren shares his talk from skepticamp about foreign aid myths with us.   Lastly Pat intoxicates us with a look into whether drinking beer through a straw will get you drunk faster.

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Did Life On Earth Begin On Another Planet

Panspermia – Wikipedia

Life on Mars – Wikipedia

No, Diatoms Have Not Been Found in a Meteorite – Bad Astronomy

Foreign Aid Myths

World Bank online poverty analysis too

The World Bank’s 2013 report on World Development Indicators.

Giving What We Can

Drinking Beer Through A Straw

Beer and Health


Mythbuster Mail Bag

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