TRC #295: Fraud And Facebook Likes + Fresh Vs. Frozen + Kansas Banning Cosmos?

fake_likeWith Adam away and Pat sick, the rest of the crew is joined by special guest Alex Commons.   First Alex tells us about fraud and fake facebook likes.   Next Elan fills us up with the details on fresh vs frozen fruits and vegetables.  Lastly, Darren looks into whether the state of Kansas is trying to block the television series Cosmos.

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Fraud and Facebook Likes

Veritasium video

The Next Web – Likes or Lies?

BBC News – Virtual Bagel

Fresh Vs. Frozen

Daily Mail – Frozen IS better than Fresh

WebMD – Frozen Vegetables are Hot

Wikipedia – Frozen Vegetables # Health Benefits and risks

Press release for FDA 1998 Report

Health Castle article on FDA 1998 report

Lifehacker video: Differences between fresh and frozen

Washington Post – Fresh vs. frozen: Eat enough of the good stuff and it doesn’t really matter

Kansas Banning Cosmos?


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